Daily daftness. Come play with us

Radio Funtime Daily Daftness

Daily Daftness with some unreal playfulness Saturday 10th to Saturday 17th 10-11am Daily

It’s running every day at 10 – 11am on Zoom (log on and play it in the background like a proper radio show – no need to put your camera on) throughout #LoveToPlay2021.

We’ve got guests, kids’ questions, on-location antics and daftness guaranteed. There will be some seriously important silly people and some dizzy decision makers.

The programme for the week:

On Saturday 10th, our host Claire will be broadcasting from her Space Den. We’d like you to all join us, and make your own space dens.

On Sunday 11th, Claire will get her skates on. If you have roller skates could you also Skate on Sunday.

✂️On Monday 12th it’s Hair Cut Day, Cosmonaut Day and Find a Swing Day. Can you find a swing and go for it?

On Tuesday 13th it’s Wood Den Day. Claire will be live from a woody den. Can you find a den in the woods too?

On Wednesday 14th it’s Fairy Doors and Castles Day and Claire will be seeking the magical. Can you make or find fairy related grand designs?

❓On Thursday 15th & Friday 16th it’s YOUR SUGGESTION as to what kind of place Claire should hang out in…. (go on, make it ridiculous!)

On Saturday 17th it’s Hobby Horse Day…Claire will be on the back of her pony. What about you?

Want to be a guest on Radio Funtime? DM us!

Spread the word, you can send the details below to people you know who would love to join in the fun


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