Make your den. Get creative. Share it with #LoveToPlay2021 3 of the most space age dens will be chosen by the 24th April for prizes

Den building

Get creative and collaborative this April, and build dens as part of the new Love to Play 2021 festival. You can do it anywhere in the world – and if you’re in south Leeds, we’re offering out free giant den-building kits to get you started!

Den building is a fantastic and imaginative all-age activity, blending creativity, innovation, and practical skills. Pre-Covid, we previously ran big den-building events here in Leeds, and people LOVED it!
For materials, you can use nearly anything: furniture, pallets, and building materials like pipes and tubes, cardboard, and much more. Get inventive!

We’ve found bicycle boxes to be especially useful: just head down to your nearest bike shop, and ask them to put some aside for you. You can stuff as many as ten inside one box, and carry that home / squeeze it in a car / etc.

If you’re lucky enough to live in south Leeds, we’ve made 25 den-building kits available, to collect from Cross Flatts Park in Beeston. These free packs are made up of several big bicycle boxes (stuffed into one another, so they can be easily carried), other crafty building materials, and duct tape; giant chalk packs will also be available. The packs can be picked up between 9am-2pm between Tuesday 6 – Friday 9 April, from the café in the Watsonia Pavilion in the park. The packs are for you to take home, to build a den in your home or garden.

Love to Play 2021 is being led by acclaimed Leeds-based organisation Playful Anywhere and is running between 10—17 April. It simply aims to inspire people across the city and the world to get playful and creative. It will feature dozens of events, challenges, and activities, run by a wide range of partners – for people to engage in, wherever they are.

This year’s festival is themed around space travel, so we’d encourage you to build themed dens: rockets, astronaut or alien houses, satellites, and more. (But you don’t have to: castles, cars, houses, boats, and anything else are all welcome too!)

If you’ve any queries or ideas, please just ask. For more info on the festival explore this website and lookout for #lovetoplay2021 on social media.

Once you’ve built a den, and want the world to see it, please use the #LoveToPlay2021 tag with #SpaceDen

Good luck!

The all important bit about judging and how we will award the prizes.

We will have an esteemed organising panel of den lovers* okay people who love cardboard and daftness and we will survey all of your video/tweets/instagram/facebook posts and reach a decision by 30th April. We’d love to give prizes to all efforts but we will be looking for style, daftness and sheer fun. Get spaced out!

  • There will be one prize for family space den (we only need to see your hands/feet in the pics – faces if you are happy to share, but if you prefer not to that’s cool with us)
  • One prize for single space dens made by adults with big imaginations.
  • One prize for kid only space dens. No helping parents

This is open to anybody anywhere in the entire galaxy.


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