For people who want to make public spaces more playful, creative and connecting. Co-piloted with Alan Lane of Slung Low

Figuring it Out

We need a shared live open wiki for public space activities.

One which enables anybody/everyone to grow their confidence in making their places more playful, colourful and connecting. That’s not always easy to navigate and can be quite challenging if you are new or inexperienced. And those with experience want to support more fresh fun, in Covid Conscious ways. Let’s work this out together, pool knowledge, experiences and help make the places we live, work and travel to more welcoming, fun and friendly, for the widest of populations.

Co-piloted by Alan Lane of Slung Low Theatre, this event is the first gathering of what we hope will become a regular way to share recipes, ideas, small wins, scary moments, and build a creative commons wiki of information which helps people to ‘Love where they live’ just that little bit more. No matter what your official/unofficial role, status, job title, this space is one of peer-to-peer learning, sharing, and openness.

Do you join us no matter how long your years of experience are? We are all in such odd times, let’s navigate this together.

Tickets are free, accept donations or sponsoring a pack of pavement chalks to go to people to get playing where they live. Entirely up to you.

Date & Time