Join Love to Play, Emma and Claire with guests, every Sunday 11-12pm for some giddy daftness

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We’re back!

After a brief hiatus, we’re back. Our ‘up for anything’ Claire Duffield will  be out and about roaming, poking, playing, all about her home town in Leeds. She loves a challenge, from rolling down hills, to chatting to dogs, finding swans, dry land kayaking, roller skating and more. What would you challenge Claire to do?

We’ll be inviting makers, doers, creators, inventors, playful, daft, funny, poetic, provocative, animals and people onto the hour long show, recording it in a super unpolished fashion and sharing it as a podcast/Youtube show straight after.

It’s a digital gaffer tape of a show. You join us on Zoom, with or without your camera on, and who knows what might happen.

We’ve enjoyed guests from all over the galaxy (ok Europe so far) Previous Episodes can be found here

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