Cheeky Monkey time with STEM Theatre in a Box

Stem Theatre in a box.

Jane Goodall with LaVielle at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of the Congo.

Sunday 11th April 11am-12pm

Free event For ages 4-7

Join us at Love to Play 2021. Find out about Dr Jane Goodall through play, dance, fun and laughter.

Dr Jane Goodall is a primatologist. Which means she knows loads about chimpanzees! Not only that, she’s a conservationist, which means she cares very much about all the animals and wildlife in the World, and how to protect them. Join us for this very special, FREE, very cheeky and extremely playful session. We’ll learn all about Dr Jane through dance, play, and games. And there may even be a few special guests!

About Liberty Arts the team behind Theatre in a Box

STEM Theatre in a Box is a collaboration between Bradford based performing arts organisation Liberty Arts Yorkshire, and Angharad Pass, Leeds Primary School teacher extraordinaire!
The aim of the project is to increase science capital in very young children from ages 4-7. Focusing on women and BAME scientists, the boxes include everything needed to make your very own puppet theatre, a set of of stick puppets, stories, experiments, a DVD full of dances, animation and fun! The boxes aim to fire young childrens’ imaginations and explore the scientists’ work through dance, drama, puppets and play. The future live workshops will be delivered to schools and community venues around the country.
The first box is all about Dr Jane Goodall and her work, with a further three inspiring scientists to come.
As Dr Jane says ” I hope this box encourages you to dream about what you would most like to do… You can act out your ideas, to take yourself to the places you want to go. Dream. Explore. Discover”

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