Spark Joy

Follow the joyful prompts. Free to download and pop up where you live/work too

Want to playtest our open source Playful Inspiration Game?

All you need to do is download ActionBound in the App Store and scan the QR Code in the image. Off you go!

If you are scanning the QR code on your phone and it’s not working, type in “LoveToPlay2021” in Find A Bound on the App

Created by Leeds Games Designer Esther Brightman with support from Liz Cable at Leeds Trinity University

Enjoy the game at your leisure, do as many of the prompts as you see fit, and feedback to us how you found the experience.

We’ll be refining the game, putting a small playtest user group together to fine tune it and then releasing the playful cards as an open source, creative commons library for anybody to add to, print out, and pop up where they live, work and play.