@LoveToPlay2021 is a week long festival running 10-17th April, aiming to get the nation (the world? The universe?) back to their fun selves. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be craving some light ridiculousness, and this could be just the ticket.

Love To Play has its roots in Leeds, but we’re casting our wibbly-wobbly net over Yorkshire, the UK, and into the stratosphere. In fact, the further we can get it, the better. Maybe you can help?

All we’re asking is for anyone – individuals, families, businesses, pets – to join us and #PledgeToPlay 

There are programmed activities over on the website (launching tomorrow!) but the fun-est bit is that you can do anything you like, wherever you are, just tag it #PledgeToPlay & #LoveToPlay2021 and we’ll share it and get the whole world playing and feeling brighter.

From sticking googly eyes on the fruit in your fruit bowl to salsa-ing down the street, we’ll be pumping out tons of inspiration from big activities to micro-play. 

All you need to do is follow/share/join us at @LoveToPlay2021 ♥️

Get ready for some 🍩 maybe some🐸and definitely some🚀

Are you in? Can we tempt you?

Wanna play?

For more background on the Festival click here for the press release